The safety of our customers, their homes and their businesses is our first priority in the River Country Cooperative energy department. As a part of our emphasis on safety and commitment to the communities we serve, we are offering propane safety checks to our customers who have not had such a check in the last three years. This check involves pressure testing your propane system and changing out old parts, such as out of date regulators.

These checks are no longer required by law, and as a consequence many propane suppliers no longer include this service as part of their home energy program. We offer it in order to keep you safe and your system in good shape.

In order to complete these safety checks, we need to have access to your premises. This can best be done by having someone available on site at a mutually agreed upon time or by providing access to your property. Persons conducting these checks are insured and bonded.

To schedule your propane safety check, simply fill out the form below or call the main office at 651-451-1151.

It’s our pleasure to serve you safely.

Propane Safety Check Submission Form