RCC Energy Market Update:

RCC Energy Update: 4/13/2018


  • Diesel up 1.64 cents on the day
    • Up 12.78 cents from last Friday
  • Gasoline up 1.08 cents on the day
    • Up 9.91 cents from last Friday
  • Crude up 32 cents @ $67.39 barrel on the day
    • Crude Oil up $5.24 from last Friday


  • Propane up 4 cents on the day
    • Up 9.25 cents from last Friday


Yesterday President Trump made comments that his administration may allow the sale of gasoline containing 15% ethanol year-round. A move such as this could very well help U.S. corn growers by increasing demand for ethanol but will no doubt face opposition from Big Oil. This proposal is the latest move by the Trump administration to navigate rough waters between oil and corn supporters as they go toe-to-toe over the nation’s biofuels policy.