Our nation relies on agriculture, and agriculture runs on energy. Supplying the quality fuels and lubricants you need to keep your equipment in the field, your vehicles on the road and your home, shop and livestock facilities warm has been our mission since this cooperative was formed in 1935.

We’re so particular about the energy we supply that we’ve created our own RCC Gold™ line of premium energy products. Details about our RCC Gold High Performance Diesel Fuel and RCC Gold Premium Lubricants can be found through the following links: High Performance Diesel Fuel, Diesel Engine Oil, and Tractor Fluid.

In addition to quality fuels and lubricants, River Country Cooperative offers:

  • Refined fuel and propane contracts
  • Corn drying contracts
  • Bulk fuel and propane delivery
  • Tank sizing and sourcing
  • Bulk lubricant storage systems and delivery